2in1 Happy Kids Plushtop Knock Down Ideal Guhdo Springbed

Ranjang atas ada lapisan PLUSH TOP, lebih nyaman

✅Harga 1 Set yang Anda dapatkan :
o Ranjang Atas Top Bed Happy Kids Knockdown (solusi buat yang tangga sempit)
o Ranjang Sorong Sliding Bed Happy Kids
o Sandaran Tipe Ideal

✅ Spesifikasi kasur :
✓ 6 Turn Spinal Spring (Electrical Heat Tempered using Swiss Technology)
✓ Edge Protection
✓ Brilliant Quilt Design
✓ Exceptional Knitted Fabric
✓ Gorgeous embroidered label
✓ Durable Construction Design

Pilihan Warna: Biru, Merah
Garansi spring 10 tahun

As the nights draw in and the weather turns cold, there is nowhere in the house that can bring quite as much pleasure as a warm, comfortable, cozy mattress. With over two decades old of experience and craftsmanship GUHDO presented “Standard Collections”. To all aspects of delivering supremacy in quality is closely related to the choice of material, sourcing our material has become cherry picking.

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